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DIY Montessori Inspired Activities & Ideas for parrents from Brittany Braud

Best montessori toys for 2 year old

April 14 2017 , Written by Chaya Hollier

The terrible twos as they're called morning in! However, you do not need to fear this transitional change for your kid, it may be managed. There are strategies that may help this interval to be a simple transition. This is accomplished by giving kids alternatives to prevent power struggles and giving them chance to do the jobs suggested and enabling them to accomplish things alone. At this point, as they grow up, kids have to be given more independence. This is often revealed in the surroundings. How it is arranged by one such that the kid can alone achieve things for himself. This then gives him/her the sense of accomplishment and in turn develops a high self-esteem. The key will be to set up the environment in which he can succeed in order to do things by himself. For young child things may need to be set up step by step, which may be slow and tedious for adults but is essential for a kid who is learning.

Care For Self

All these are activities like dressing oneself, by being given the opportunity to try and place on their own garments, and shoes. This could be practicing with Velcro, zips and buttons that are discovered in their very own clothing.

Montessori 24-36 Months - 2 to 3 Year Old - Daily Montessori

Spreading jam/butter on crackers or toast

Have little container that the jam will undoubtedly be set, small knife and a small plate in. Place a little jam that will be enough for one piece of cracker or toast on the tiny container. This can ensure that there are going to be no waste of food in the event the little one decides to use all that is available. Constantly show the child slowly the way to disperse it on the jam stressing little details such as ensuring, and getting a little bit of spread the whole of the toast is covered.

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Montessori - Practical Life - Care of the person- Washing Hands

Dining Area Setup

At this point the child can eat the food the family has. The kid could also have meals with the family in order that he/she can also find the correct social aspect of eating meals. Your son or daughter could be placed in a high chair together with the family near the table to truly have a sense of belonging. If possible have the child utilizing exactly the same table as the family is. Remove that secludes him and have him pushed up on the family table. The kid can also choose to eat in his own table and seat. A child can have his own accessibility to a low drawer in the kitchen which can comprise plate and his own utensils. The utensils and can be real lightweight crockery and plate need not be plastic. The glass may also be real. In case the child is taught how to care for matters properly, manage matters with attention, they may surprise you. There should be no panic for glasses to break as it a short space to the ground in case the little one chooses to eat at his table that is low. This can also teach the child how to take care of their particular plates and glass and spoons and forks. A placemat with drawings of glass, spoon, fork and the plate may be drawn as a guide for table setting on it. See Pouring a beverage activity.

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