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DIY Montessori Inspired Activities & Ideas for parrents from Brittany Braud

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Potty training Montessori way

April 14 2017 , Written by Chaya Hollier

Toilet Learning Tips The aforementioned graphic is of the toilet learning area of Otis. We're employing a cube seat here (the other is in his dressing/care of self region) as Otis needs support when standing. The pail is for clothes that is soiled. You...

TOP Principles of practical life exercises in Montessori

April 14 2017 , Written by Chaya Hollier

Here are my top Montessori principles that may be used whether you own conventional Montessori stuff. These principles are useful for practically any preschooler. To me, they fit with natural learning because they match natural needs are ’sed by youthful...

Best montessori toys for 2 year old

April 14 2017 , Written by Chaya Hollier

The terrible twos as they're called morning in! However, you do not need to fear this transitional change for your kid, it may be managed. There are strategies that may help this interval to be a simple transition. This is accomplished by giving kids...

Best Montessori games for preschoolers

April 14 2017 , Written by Chaya Hollier

Geoboard - Three Ways Otis has been home from school for the last three days, so we have pulled out a couple of new tasks! Above is a typical geoboard with the additional twist of using grid paper. The kid draws contours on the paper subsequently makes...

Montessori toys 2 year old

April 14 2017 , Written by Chaya Hollier

Gift Ideas for the Montessori Child - Christmas When looking for Christmas gift ideas it is easy to think all the good toys come from abroad. These gift ideas don't contain Montessori materials but they are suited to the Montessori kid and they are all...